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How to beautify the floor of your kitchen?


The kitchen floor is subjected to constant assaults. The choice of the coating should not be dictated only by aesthetic considerations but primarily by criteria of resistance and easy maintenance. For cleaning do not turn the drudgery and the kitchen stays beautiful longer, it is imperative to choose flooring adapted.

Wood is sensitive to water. But its use is possible in the kitchen, provided you choose species resistant to moisture. This is true of most exotic woods that are naturally rotting. The European species can also find their place in wet if they were treated by cross-linking, that is to say, dried and then heated at high temperatures.

Which variant to choose? A glued with polyurethane is recommended because it only allows the floor to withstand variations in humidity. More than in any other part, the installation must be performed in workmanlike and careful sealing. Sealing between each blade but also on the periphery, with such joints boat decks in black polyurethane. To finish, the oil is preferred varnish which tends to close the surface. In everyday life, the floor is washed with soap specific maintenance. Here is some other materials you can choose for the flooring of your kitchen.

Vinyl Floors : They are also inexpensive and available in all colors. Attention, it is imperative to choose a quality model, more resistant to wear and shock that the first prize and a model that has received a non-slip treatment to avoid slipping.

Concrete: Very durable, Concrete is the material of industrial environments, contemporary lofts. The concrete used to create a seamless large area, except for expansion joints. Treated with water repellents, he converses easily with non-aggressive detergents. Over time, he slips in and wins personality. Drawback, the implementation of a concrete floor is cumbersome since it is always done by a professional.

Lino: Natural product made of linseed oil, natural resins, wood flour, pigments and mineral fillers on a burlap backing, it is cheap and cleans easily with a damp mop dipped in product maintenance non-abrasive.

Terracotta: Made of natural clay, terracotta environments created glowing, warm, and authentic. Particularly porous, it requires protective treatment and regular maintenance of hot water and soap. For added protection, it can even be oiled or waxed.

The stoneware: The stoneware today tends to supplant natural stone because of its many advantages. Made of clay and silica, nonporous material can be placed anywhere. The stoneware fears neither stains nor water, nor the shock and talks just hot water.

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Find Stunning Contemporary Furniture To Make Your Home An Oasis



When most people are looking for new furniture, they simply go to their local furniture store, look around and settle for what they like the best out of the few pieces that are available. Unfortunately, they likely were unhappy with the furniture that they chose, but it was the best of the worst. If this sounds like you, then you need to find help from an interior design company, like Brenda Lee, and discover some amazing Contemporary Furniture that is available on the Internet. Contemporary furniture provides a unique look and feel, which simply cannot be found in your local furniture store. Some of the best websites for them provide exemplary design, bold shapes, vibrant colors, and clean lines. All of these combine together to make unique pieces of furniture, that are more than just functional; they are incredible pieces of art.


Finding contemporary furniture is extremely easy, as all you need to do is look on the Internet. However, finding high-quality can be increasingly difficult. You can narrow your search by looking for websites that offer extremely high standards of craftsmanship in their furniture, as well as offering genuine Italian furniture.


In this manner, you know that you are getting the highest quality in them available. In addition, they will provide you with extremely innovative designs and the lowest possible prices. All of them that you are looking for is available online, but you do not want to overpay. For this reason, you will want to find the best website that carries the most extensive range of contemporary furniture from the world’s most renowned Italian manufacturers, including Kristalia, Cattelan Italia, Reflex and Il Loft, at the lowest prices possible.


Your furniture says a lot about you, without ever having to say a word. In addition, it makes a statement about your home, so you are going to want the best, most beautifully designed them available. It is still highly functional but offers its own unique panache to any room. With the right furniture, you can transform any room into a luxurious suite, a comfortable retreat, or any other feelings you are trying to invoke in any room, the most stunning contemporary furniture can provide this for you, and much more. Regardless of the room that you need it for, you can find it all online. With the right website, you can find the most stunning selection of leather beds, modern barstools, innovative dining room furnishings and much more, to turn your home into a metropolitan art studio in and of itself.


What’s more exciting, is an addition to the world’s most finely crafted contemporary furniture, you will also be able to discover a complete line of chandeliers, computer stands, mirrors, game tables, lamps, dressers, curios and much more, on the internet’s most innovative and exciting furniture website. No matter what your taste, style or budget, you can find a complete line of them that is of the highest quality, crafted from the finest materials, lovingly made in Italy, but brought home to you.

Decorate a Teenager’s Bedroom

Teenage Boys Prefer Neutral Colors and Designs

Boys love color and style, but they want it to belong to them. Give them space, color and enough room to grow and they will maintain their own organization.

Neutrals don’t have to be boring, uninspiring or droll. In a boy’s room, neutrals can be a wide-open canvas upon which personality develops. In a teenage boy’s room, neutrals can be an adventure set into motion.

The Color Palette

Boys by their very nature rock warm or run cold. Either way, they opt for a clear nature palette that lets their wholesome natural identity shine through if parents allow them the opportunity. Give them a color choice that lives in their world.

  • Warm Neutrals Rock: Beige, brown, yellow, rust and orange are colors of the earth. This palette allows boys to reign over the dirt and the fire, bringing warmth and brilliance to their surroundings. By including orange and yellow in the warm neutrals, a designer can turn up the heat.
  • Cool Clear Neutrals: Blues, grays, greens and ivories fade to rich charcoal colors in the depths of the oceans, rivers, and lakes. The cooler colors allow depth and meaning to flow into the world of boys. By introducing watercolors into the room a designer cools the temperature and allows the adventure to take root.

The Style Invigorates

Boys often have interests that set off a specific style for their room design. Whether their interests are rocket science or birding on a rooftop, the basis of their room will reflect their interests. Dressing a room decorated in blues and greens with lariats and lassos, black boots and leather chaps, brings the style home. Any color can live anywhere with the adventure of true design for the boy. It’s all in the way it comes together.

Consider for a moment, the above cowboy style with plaid blue and green comforters, pine rail beds, heavy pine dressers, and sky blue walls. A lush forest green chair with pale blue pillows and plaid throw that incorporates accents of beige and orange with the blues fill up a corner with a cozy place to read. Boys love to read if they have a special place to read and to keep their own books.

Bringing Personality Home

When boys bring their own personality into a room, they care for the room more. By giving boys a place to store their belongings, display areas, and action space, they learn to care for their clothing and keep everything put away. The cowboy look described above emphasized a country style with cool colors, warmed up with a tan, beige and orange accents.

Not every boy is going to like the cowboy style. Some prefer a high-rise with crisp city views. Those city accents might come by way of geometric prints, black and white photos framed in black with stronger block colors on the walls and trendy black iron furniture. Either style works. Both are defined by masculine and easy to work with, in the sense that boys love weighty hard line furniture that holds its shape and feels “tough”.

Mixing Up the Pallet

By including a combination of neutrals in a room, a little fire, and a little water, the room comes to life. Mostly water neutrals stage a perfect backdrop for hot accents and clean-lined fresh looks. Mostly fire colors set up a warm backdrop for a fresh cool splash. Remember to incorporate study areas, dressing areas and play areas into a boy’s room to maintain tidiness and organization. Boys need plenty of storage and display space for their belongings.

Make Every Room Special

Create a Sense of Luxury with Treats for Each Room

Invoke a sense of luxury in your home by adding a little treat to every room that makes it feel special and gives it new life.

Adding new flair to the home doesn’t have to involve a whole renovation, in just the same way, incorporating luxury can be a one-step process. It doesn’t seem possible, but changing the feel of a room can be as simple as splurging on a cashmere throw blanket.

Treat each room to a little touch of luxury, something that will be used by family members and really enjoyed. Make the luxury count and the entire room will feel sublime and exciting. Some little luxuries to consider for each room are listed below.

Living Room Luxuries

  • A Large Television – Sure, a large flat screen television is a must for some but it’s a luxury for others. This is something that most families are bound to enjoy so if there isn’t one in the living room, splurge and treat everyone to a luxury.
  • Quality Artwork – Some people really enjoy art, for those people a new piece of artwork can boost the feel of an entire room and add a sense of happiness and excitement.
  • A New Chair – Whether it’s a barcalounger or an Eileen Gray chair, a new living room chair that suits the homeowner can be a luxury that is unsurpassed.

Bedroom Luxuries

  • New Linens – Go for the highest thread count, opt for expensive fabrics, look for colors that look amazing. Luxurious linens make bedtime a treat and can improve sleep quality.
  • A Designated Area – Whether it’s a reading nook, a makeup table, a rocking chair, anything that takes one area of the bedroom and makes it functional and fun is worth the expense.
  • A Sound System – A nice sound system built into the bedroom can help enhance the mood with romantic music, white noise can improve sleep, and favorite songs can help improve a sour disposition.
  • A Closet Redo – Transform old closets into works of art with a closet organizer that is custom made. This one treat not only makes the room feel more luxurious but makes clothing more exciting and easy to find.

Bathroom Luxuries

  • A Spa Tub – Nothing says luxury and relaxation quite like a spa tub. This isn’t a cheap luxury but well worth it for bath fans.
  • Luxurious Linens and Products – Again, the best quality linens and bath products can make all the difference in one of the day’s more routine activities.
  • Heated Towel Bar – Once a treat only found in extravagant homes or expensive hotel rooms, heated towel bars are now pretty reasonably priced and add a touch of luxury and comfort to every bath and shower.

Kitchen Luxuries

  • Comfy Chairs – Face it, most families and friends gather in the kitchen, so make sure there are chairs that invite sitting.
  • Special Kitchen Gadgets – Splurge on that expensive mixer, blender, oven, or any appliance that would make life easier and enhance the kitchen’s functionality.
  • Little Treats – The kitchen is one place where little snacks and treats can make a difference. A bowl of fruit is a great centerpiece and keeps the family eating healthy. A display of expensive chocolates isn’t as healthy but definitely a luxurious treat that everyone will love.

Think about the home, the room and the specific interests of each family member and try to determine what little luxury will be most appreciated. By adding luxury to each room the room gets an immediate boost and becomes more functional, fun and exciting.

Easy Tips for Spicing Up Your Living Room

Easy Tips for Spicing Up Your Living Room

So you’ve decided that it’s time to give your home a new clean look. Routine is one thing, but getting stuck in a style rut is an entirely different can of worms my friends. Make your public areas a place for people to feel welcome and even a little jealous of your superior homemaking skills.

Wall art is not just a well to do concept

Dusty out dated prints are just an eyesore after about twenty years on the walls. Retire those things until they are retro and reframed even. Think outside the box and get new and interesting pieces to replace those tired old prints or shaggy items on the wall.

You can buy shelves that are great for adding a little dramatic flare to your wall. Place one or two interesting objects inside one of these are really bring them into the lime light.

A mirror always makes a room brighter and seem larger. A novelty mirror also gets many compliments or at least questioning gazes. Who really wants to be just like everyone else, dare to stand out from the crowd.

Make your living room the talk of the neighborhood

Even if most of us are just lower to middle income citizens is no reason to have a hum drum living space. Color in your life and like every child, color outside of the lines. Be bold in your patterns and colors, embrace the different and funky. Have fun with your space.

Colorful throw pillows on the couch are a great way to zing up that monotone couch and maybe you’ll see it in a new light.

Add throws in different colors and patterns around the rooms and see how just that will make your living space seem exotic and new.

Get rid of everything that is not a decoration. The pile of various remotes and bills covering every flat surface of your coffee table and side table are not art de jour. Find a drawer and neatly organize all of that stuff out of sight but not out of mind.

Add light to the situation

A lamp can be practical and fun at the same time. There are so many different lamp designs out there that sticking to your grandmothers theme is getting sad. Break out and get a new age or really old looking lamp.

Look into vintage shops for interesting takes on the lamp. The best thing about this is that everyone will think it’s a one of a kind and not mass produced looking.

Change up your yellowed lamp shades and go for a new color. Bold colors don’t yellow and look old either. Women moisturize their face to keep their age a secret; don’t let your lamp shade give it away.

Shop online if you can’t find anything at the store that you really like. Sometimes we are not blessed to be living in a shopping Mecca, this is life. Try different online sources to find a great look and a great deal to add to your home.

Dos and Don’ts of Using Color in Interior Decorating Projects

Learn professional rules and tricks for creating a successful colour scheme in any interior decorating project.

Colour is so important in an interior decorating scheme, it’s the cornerstone of design whether it’s a simple and clean white on a white look or a bold and colourful palette. To get the most out of any interior decorating colour scheme us the following dos and don’ts.

Interior Decorating Color Dos

  • Learn the Basics – Spend a little time researching the basics of colour theory and getting familiar with the colour wheel. As with any project, gaining basic knowledge is integral to getting the best results. Let a combination of visceral reaction and colour science be the guide in choosing an interior decorating colour scheme.
  • Use Color to Connect Rooms – Unify the home by using colour to tie the entire home together. This doesn’t mean that one of the main colours should be in every room, although it could be, it does mean there should be a colour theme. The home could be connected through colour by having a different shade of one colour in each room. Or each room could have a different pastel colour. Or the colour theme could jump where one colour is the main colour in one room, it becomes the accent in the next room, and the main colour from that room becomes an accent in the following room and so on.
  • Use Color to Create a Mood – Create a Mood with Color that will reflect the desired mood in the room. Learn how colour affects people and then take advantage of that knowledge to create a cohesive look and feel.

Interior Decorating Color Don’ts

  • Don’t be Afraid of Color – Shake off any colour fears that are lurking in the brain and embrace colour. This doesn’t mean that everyone should run out and paint a bright red accent wall but it does mean that everyone should incorporate colour into their homes and decorating schemes. If there is still fear, start with baby steps.
  • Don’t Forget 60-30-10 – One of the big rules of using colour in decorating is the 60-30-10 rule, the first part of this rule is actually that a colour scheme is made of three colours. The main color in the room will take up about 60% of the visual space in the room. The secondary color takes up 30% and the tertiary color comes in with the remaining 10%.
  • Don’t be a Slave to Trends – Color Trends come and go, with some being more effective than others. Being a slave to colour trends in interior decorating is very costly and can be time-consuming as well. Use the 60-30-10 rule when choosing your interior decorating colour scheme and use the tertiary colour or 10% for trends. This way the home always seems fresh and updated but this look doesn’t cost a lot and the entire room doesn’t need redecorating every two years.

Colour is nothing to be afraid of and like most things the more knowledge that is gained the more successful the end product will be.

Interior Decorating Basics

Learn interior decorating basics and pull together a room that looks amazing and impresses friends and family.

Learning interior decorating basics is actually pretty easy as there are just a few “rules” to keep in mind and then you can let your own creativity and instinct run wild. And remember that the rules aren’t hard and fast, they’re basic guidelines so if you want to break one or two then go ahead.


Proportion is one of the interior decorating basics that is almost a feeling for most people. If you’re in a room where the couch is way too large for space you may feel instantly confined or overwhelmed. On the other hand, a large room with tiny furniture may seem almost comical. It’s also important to know room dimensions to make sure your furniture actually fits into the home.


Balance is another interior decorating basic that can be felt by most people. If all of the furniture is against one wall that side of the room will feel heavy. A wall that is covered with windows and receives a lot of light that is across from a dark wall with dark furniture will feel much lighter and airy and you’ll again have a balance that’s askew.


Creating some contrast in a room is important. Usually, this is done through colour but it can be done in a number of ways. White on white rooms are almost timeless but can be very boring if texture, height, depth and pattern isn’t introduced to create a contrast. Make sure your room isn’t boring by playing with all of these elements.


It seems strange to mention harmony as an interior design basic after just saying that contrast is important but it’s true, a successful room will have both contrast and harmony. Imagine our white on the white room above, it’s got harmony through colour.

Now imagine that room if every piece of furniture and wall and accessory were a different colour, suddenly you’ve got a visual cacophony that would drive anyone a little batty. Harmony is created through a good colour scheme, similar furniture styles, and relating elements together.


Rhythm is the interior design element that blooms out of contrast and harmony with almost no effort at all. Once you get the proper levels of contrast and harmony in your home then you’ll sense that the rhythm will carry your eye through and around the room, never lingering too long in one place and never completely glossing over anything.

If a room in your home feels uncomfortable or like it’s just not working aesthetically, step back and try to determine what feeling it creates in you or what interior design element is missing. Then use the basic interior design principles to fix the room and create the effect you desire.