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Let There Be Light – Lighting Fixtures for Every Home

The importance of the right kind of lighting in your house cannot be overstated. A quick look at the best kinds of light fixtures so you can pick & choose!

What is the first thing you are doing when you get home in the evening? Switch on the lights, right? And what if you want to set the mood? Don’t you head towards dimming the lights? Having the right lights can proverbially make or break a home. Use the right lights to highlight your favourite piece of art or downplay a paint inconsistency that only your eye can see. Light fixtures, if used in the right way, can transform the entire look of your home and it is definitely less expensive than a new coat of paint or even the husband-dreaded word, ‘remodel’!

Having an idea about some of the different light fixtures can give you an insight into what your home really needs. For ex: if you would like to give the illusion of space in a cosy place, hang compact ceiling fixtures over a table or cupboard. This will not use up any space but will give the illusion of higher ceilings. In addition:

  • Ceiling lights – Being attached to the ceiling, they focus on the object directly below them. They are the most common type of lights with tube lights falling under this description.
  • Pendant lights – They are also attached to the ceiling but are smaller and so the light is usually focused on a more localized area. Chandeliers are a great example though not all pendant lights have to be that showy.
  • Movable lights – This expansive term is used for all light fixtures that can be moved around. We all have our table lamps that we love moving around because one day it looks perfect on the table near our bed but the next day looks better on the window seat.
  • Track lights – A big hit in the 90s, lights that can be moved and adjusted in order to get the right customized effect are commonly used nowadays in galleries. But they work exceedingly well in parts of the house that you would like to highlight, like a small wall filled with photos or the show drawer full of knick-knacks of your last trip.
  • Hidden lights – Perfect for the smaller homes, these are quickly gaining popularity. Not only do they spread light over a lot of areas, they also do not require any space. Imagine a crowded craft or play space where all the kids gather around, now imagine a light they cannot knock over or touch. Doesn’t that sound perfect? Also, they are so cost effective that it is almost a crime to not invest in a few choice hidden lights that can do so much for your home’s ambience. There are also sconces that can be attached to the walls just the way you like them (they are the most customizable of all wall lights)
  • Skylights – You will have to use small spaces in the roof or upper windows where these can be affixed. They bring sunlight to light up and/or warm a house and can truly set the mood of a home. Why? Simply because they give the room so much atmosphere. Try it out for yourself!
  • Outdoor lights – Before you head towards changing the outdoor lighting, it is important to truly understand your space. Keep the outdoor lighting spaced out and strong because you cannot trust the weather and/or natural lighting to be the most flattering at all times. Also, remember durability and maintenance because outdoor lighting needs to be much tougher than the gentle lights that you can play around with inside.

While you have these choices when it comes to fixtures, there are also loads of choices when it comes to colours… try incandescent, fluorescent or halogen lights for different light effects.