Make Every Room Special

Create a Sense of Luxury with Treats for Each Room

Invoke a sense of luxury in your home by adding a little treat to every room that makes it feel special and gives it new life.

Adding new flair to the home doesn’t have to involve a whole renovation, in just the same way, incorporating luxury can be a one-step process. It doesn’t seem possible, but changing the feel of a room can be as simple as splurging on a cashmere throw blanket.

Treat each room to a little touch of luxury, something that will be used by family members and really enjoyed. Make the luxury count and the entire room will feel sublime and exciting. Some little luxuries to consider for each room are listed below.

Living Room Luxuries

  • A Large Television – Sure, a large flat screen television is a must for some but it’s a luxury for others. This is something that most families are bound to enjoy so if there isn’t one in the living room, splurge and treat everyone to a luxury.
  • Quality Artwork – Some people really enjoy art, for those people a new piece of artwork can boost the feel of an entire room and add a sense of happiness and excitement.
  • A New Chair – Whether it’s a barcalounger or an Eileen Gray chair, a new living room chair that suits the homeowner can be a luxury that is unsurpassed.

Bedroom Luxuries

  • New Linens – Go for the highest thread count, opt for expensive fabrics, look for colors that look amazing. Luxurious linens make bedtime a treat and can improve sleep quality.
  • A Designated Area – Whether it’s a reading nook, a makeup table, a rocking chair, anything that takes one area of the bedroom and makes it functional and fun is worth the expense.
  • A Sound System – A nice sound system built into the bedroom can help enhance the mood with romantic music, white noise can improve sleep, and favorite songs can help improve a sour disposition.
  • A Closet Redo – Transform old closets into works of art with a closet organizer that is custom made. This one treat not only makes the room feel more luxurious but makes clothing more exciting and easy to find.

Bathroom Luxuries

  • A Spa Tub – Nothing says luxury and relaxation quite like a spa tub. This isn’t a cheap luxury but well worth it for bath fans.
  • Luxurious Linens and Products – Again, the best quality linens and bath products can make all the difference in one of the day’s more routine activities.
  • Heated Towel Bar – Once a treat only found in extravagant homes or expensive hotel rooms, heated towel bars are now pretty reasonably priced and add a touch of luxury and comfort to every bath and shower.

Kitchen Luxuries

  • Comfy Chairs – Face it, most families and friends gather in the kitchen, so make sure there are chairs that invite sitting.
  • Special Kitchen Gadgets – Splurge on that expensive mixer, blender, oven, or any appliance that would make life easier and enhance the kitchen’s functionality.
  • Little Treats – The kitchen is one place where little snacks and treats can make a difference. A bowl of fruit is a great centerpiece and keeps the family eating healthy. A display of expensive chocolates isn’t as healthy but definitely a luxurious treat that everyone will love.

Think about the home, the room and the specific interests of each family member and try to determine what little luxury will be most appreciated. By adding luxury to each room the room gets an immediate boost and becomes more functional, fun and exciting.