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Easy Tips for Spicing Up Your Living Room

Easy Tips for Spicing Up Your Living Room

So you’ve decided that it’s time to give your home a new clean look. Routine is one thing, but getting stuck in a style rut is an entirely different can of worms my friends. Make your public areas a place for people to feel welcome and even a little jealous of your superior homemaking skills.

Wall art is not just a well to do concept

Dusty out dated prints are just an eyesore after about twenty years on the walls. Retire those things until they are retro and reframed even. Think outside the box and get new and interesting pieces to replace those tired old prints or shaggy items on the wall.

You can buy shelves that are great for adding a little dramatic flare to your wall. Place one or two interesting objects inside one of these are really bring them into the lime light.

A mirror always makes a room brighter and seem larger. A novelty mirror also gets many compliments or at least questioning gazes. Who really wants to be just like everyone else, dare to stand out from the crowd.

Make your living room the talk of the neighborhood

Even if most of us are just lower to middle income citizens is no reason to have a hum drum living space. Color in your life and like every child, color outside of the lines. Be bold in your patterns and colors, embrace the different and funky. Have fun with your space.

Colorful throw pillows on the couch are a great way to zing up that monotone couch and maybe you’ll see it in a new light.

Add throws in different colors and patterns around the rooms and see how just that will make your living space seem exotic and new.

Get rid of everything that is not a decoration. The pile of various remotes and bills covering every flat surface of your coffee table and side table are not art de jour. Find a drawer and neatly organize all of that stuff out of sight but not out of mind.

Add light to the situation

A lamp can be practical and fun at the same time. There are so many different lamp designs out there that sticking to your grandmothers theme is getting sad. Break out and get a new age or really old looking lamp.

Look into vintage shops for interesting takes on the lamp. The best thing about this is that everyone will think it’s a one of a kind and not mass produced looking.

Change up your yellowed lamp shades and go for a new color. Bold colors don’t yellow and look old either. Women moisturize their face to keep their age a secret; don’t let your lamp shade give it away.

Shop online if you can’t find anything at the store that you really like. Sometimes we are not blessed to be living in a shopping Mecca, this is life. Try different online sources to find a great look and a great deal to add to your home.